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Upcoming: 2014-2015 Executive Board Elections

The 2014-2015 PRSSA SDSU Executive Board Elections will take place on Wednesday, April... [Read more]

Maria del Carmen Huerta earns PRSSA SDSU scholarship

The PRSSA executive board announces that Maria del Carmen Huerta is the recipient of the... [Read more]

About PRSSA 2014 Regional Conference

SAN DIEGO — The Public Relations Student Society of America 2014 regional conference... [Read more]

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PRofessional Development

GSP Crosses Borders

The ever-changing labels society comes up with to identify certain groups of individuals... [Read more]

JC Penney’s Tweeting With Mittens – Dazzling or Daft?

People are sometimes quick to criticize and with social media, it’s never been easier.... [Read more]

More about the 2013 PRSSA National Conference

A few of our members attended the 2013 PRSSA National Conference in Philadelphia, Penn.... [Read more]

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Why you should be involved with PRSSA

I wanted to extend my deepest thank you to all of the the 2013-2014 Executive Board, SDSU PRSSA, and the entire PRSSA organization. I cannot even begin to explain how joining PRSSA my freshman year changed my college career for the better. PRSSA is not just a student organization that you show up to each week and put on your resume. PRSSA is an interactive... [Read more]

Our president’s PRSSA story

On behalf of the PRSSA executive board, I would like to say welcome to your fall 2011 semester at San Diego State. We have been working hard planning for this semester and have some exciting guest speakers, events and fundraisers planned. Whether you are coming to SDSU for the first time, in the middle of your studies or are planning to graduate in... [Read more]

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